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Partnering to Deliver Student Success Since 1992

Through excellence in customized, online, on-site and blended professional learning
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World-class professional development for educators

Mayerson Academy is a highly regarded authority in the design and delivery of research-based professional learning and development that consistently produces positive outcomes for learners of all ages. We are proud of our legacy of success, but maintain a relentless commitment to the pursuit of new and creative ways to maximize learning and organizational performance. 

Our continuous success over the last two decades can be attributed to this commitment and to our unique approach, one that distinguishes Mayerson Academy in the field of professional learning.

Mayerson Academy provides professional development solutions for entire schools and districts as well as programs for individual teachers. Whatever your needs, we deliver a personalized service that focuses on learner, teacher, school and district strengths. 

Stemming from this perspective, we can deliver immediate, effective learning solutions or conduct a vigorous needs assessment for our partner-clients that leads to a customized, comprehensive, professional development plan.

Based on client needs, these experiences can take many forms, from expertly designed courses with ample opportunity for experiential learning, to on-going coaching that supports robust implementation and leadership, to new and emergent learning models.

All of these options can be provided at the Academy, the client’s site, online, or as a blended approach involving all three options.

Since its inception in 1992, the Academy has proudly served Cincinnati Public Schools, the highest performing urban district in Ohio, in addition to providing professional development programs to other regional, state, national, and international partner-clients. Our extensive experience and expertise result in a comprehensive and highly effective program of professional learning that generates measurable and lasting improvement. Our proven record of success includes:

  • More than 25,000 educators have participated in Mayerson Academy courses in just the past two years
  • Students whose teachers received professional learning from Mayerson Academy have achieved increased math and reading test scores on state standardized tests, typically 6 to 10 percentile points more than students whose teachers did not participate in our training
  • 92% of our participants have said their level of motivation for implementation is “Excellent,” or “Very Good.”

Mayerson Academy has received state and national commendations for its professional development programs for educators.

We are delighted you have visited our site and invite you to meet our dedicated professionals listed on the staff page and view our complete list of products and services.

If you are as excited as we are about the possibilities for improving learning outcomes through great professional learning experiences, please contact us.

We welcome you to be a partner for years to come.

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