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Meetings and Learning Events
Discover a fresh approach to a staff learning day, a conference plan, a team or organizational retreat, or a multi-stakeholder change process.
“What a great way to start the summer. After today, I am extremely excited to come back tomorrow. Thank you for everything!”

—Participant in Co-LAB, June 2014

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Courses and Programs
Expand literacy skills and professional credentials, boost performance through social emotional competencies and customized, targeted learning.
“I am so proud of all [my students] have accomplished so far! Being able to take this course through Mayerson Academy has completely transformed my teaching.”

—Julie Stevens, Norwood City Schools

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Vision, Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement
Construct an organizational vision, create a strategic or operational technology or learning-based plan, or renew or invite the engagement of a critical group.
“All of our feedback is incredibly positive, as the strength focus began our day beautifully. I do not feel our interactions would have been anywhere near as valuable without your work.”

— Independent Schools, Williamstown, KY

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Operations and Tools
Collaborate with a partner who supports more than 100,000 contact hours of learning per year and produces innovative and effective tools and resources for learners of all ages.
“When I work with MA, no matter how complex the challenge, you will make it all appear seamless. I appreciate the high quality of your work!”

—David Moore, Consultant