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Mayerson Academy is a nonprofit mission-driven organization powered by change agents who are passionate about unleashing the strengths of individuals, teams, and organizations to be at their very best every day. Our team of experts has created programs and consulting services for partners around the world that transform cultures and consistently deliver increased engagement, performance, and learning.  Learn More

Strong organizations start with individuals working in their strengths, which is why we focus on individuals first, and tailor our programs to match organizational goals. Let’s work together to make positive changes.

Strong Schools have positive cultures that expand engagement, learning and performance. Let’s work together to activate character strengths, accelerate social and emotional learning, and improve school culture.

  • A strengths-based perspective is extremely important in working with people. Strong Cincinnati was able to provide a tried and true framework to do our work more effectively.

    Bralynda Watkins,
    COO, Cincinnati Union Bethel
  • Character strengths is a unifier. It created a formula to help people recognize and appreciate their own strengths and the strengths of those around them.

    Jeff Walton,
    HR Director, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • Strong Cincinnati has changed everything from our hiring process to fundraising. Strengths have become a thread throughout our entire organization.

    Mary Delaney,
    Executive Director, Community Matters
  • This is one of those things that should permeate Cincinnati. It is a game changer.

    Carrie King,
    Director of Extended Day Programs, YMCA of Greater Cincinnati
  • Participating in the Institute gave our team a common language and framework to utilize in supporting each other’s development as leaders and colleagues. 

    Calista Hargrove,
    VP of Workforce Development, Cincinnati Works
  • By recognizing and naming character strengths, the child has been given the freedom to manifest that strength. We’ve empowered them and given them permission to sit in their greatness.

    Pam Knox,
    Resource Coordinator, Cincinnati Public Schools
  • The consistent language that this program has provided, for not only our staff but for our children, has helped them to understand their strengths as well as identify areas to improve. They come to this conclusion on their own!

    Julie Ayers,
    Former Principal, Cincinnati Public Schools
  • I think that students gain personal strength from the program. The students gained self-confidence as others began naming their unique strengths. It’s confirmation that they have strengths, and our students don’t always get this at home.

    Lauren Braddock,
    School Psychologist, Cincinnati Public Schools
  • The school culture has improved with the implementation of Thriving Learning Communities and our daily focus on strengths. Adopting the character strength language has provided our students with the opportunity to build more positive relationships with each other.

    Melanie Valenly,
    Teacher, Youngstown City School District

We work with organizations and schools to help individuals thrive by activating their unique character strengths. Hear their stories.

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