1dyslexiacon2016Participants crowded the Mayerson Academy booth at the International Dyslexia Conference, in Orlando, in November, as conference attendees stopped by for information about the opportunity to become certified in Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Structured Language through Mayerson Academy’s accredited program.

News of Mayerson Academy’s new totally Online accredited Orton-Gillingham program traveled by word-of-mouth from one attendee to the next keeping our booth hosts very busy giving out information about the next course which begins January 17.

A current course participant, Lisa Meyer says: “I cannot say enough about my experience so far with the online OG class I am currently taking through the Mayerson Academy.  I have been a reading specialist for 27 years, but I am learning more through this class than I think I have learned in my career so far! I am using the OG lessons not only with the student I chose for the class, but also with the rest of my first and second graders, and even some of my third graders. It is closing the gaps in their learning like nothing I’ve ever used before because it is systematic and sequential. The multisensory aspect of it has proven itself many times as I watch the students use visual cues to remind them of a sound.”

The practicum is what makes Mayerson Academy’s course so uniquely effective. Participants are coached one-one by a master teacher who not only provides feedback on developing each lesson plan, but also on the execution of the lesson through the Edthena.com platform. Meyers says: “My coach, Carol Duke, is very helpful.  She is very patient to answer all my questions, and gets back to me promptly.  I am grateful for her help, guidance and feedback.  It is invaluable!”

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Case Study: Reaching All Readers


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Attendees were particularly impressed with the documented effectiveness of the program – both for individual teachers and their students, as well as for making school-wide impact on student reading success. Mayerson Academy’s newly updated Orton-Gillingham Literacy case study features the success of Mt. Washington Elementary School in Ohio’s Dyslexia Pilot Project as they implemented Orton-Gillingham techniques to enhance their core instruction as well as provide targeted Tier II and Tier III instruction in a robust Response to Intervention environment. An independent evaluator said, “Among the six school districts participating in the Dyslexia Pilot Project, Cincinnati Public Schools provided the strongest model for high quality, comprehensive, embedded professional learning opportunities. Cincinnati Public Schools’ Dyslexia Pilot Project featured extensive coaching provided through the Mayerson Academy’s Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading (Practicum I & II), providing the content and the process for equipping teachers to meet students’ literacy needs.” Click here to download Orton-Gillingham Literacy Case Study.