“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall


There has never been a more important moment in time to reach for the best in human nature, to transform our lives and our collective future. This series is based on our work with schools, organizations and neighborhoods in the U.S and around the world and is designed to be a catalyst, guide, and reference to help expand human goodness in ways that increase our personal and collective engagement, performance, and well-being.

PART ONE: Fierce Awareness

This section addresses the brutal facts. Our world is challenging, but we can make it better. To accomplish this, two calls to action must be answered. The first is to get fierce about understanding and acting on your character strengths because it will expand your sense of engagement, meaning, relationships, and accomplishment – it will improve your well-being. And the second is to reach for the collective benefit we might realize by inspiring others to do the same. In today’s warp-speed world, human goodness is not at the top of the agenda. But we desperately need our character strengths now more than ever to face the many national and global challenges before us so we can improve, and not destroy, our human condition.

PART TWO: Fierce Living

For any journey, we need tools and supplies. When I go camping, I pack so many supplies that it looks like I’m moving. The journey toward a rewarding life that is fiercely committed to human goodness also requires tools. Part Two includes ideas to help you know, see, and activate character strengths in your life and the lives of those around you.

And journeys are more fun with folks who know the ropes, so Part Two also includes inspirational stories of others (names have been changed) getting fierce about activating their character strengths. If only I’d had a knowledgeable friend along the first time I tried to build a tent out of a pile of nylon and poles!

PART THREE- Fierce Navigating

Sometimes the journey isn’t direct. The best places to camp often require the most perilous trek. Every journey has bumps along the way, and your work creating a life of fierce character is no different. We can’t avoid challenges, but we can learn to handle them better, as this part of the series will show. Answers to questions frequently asked about character strengths and getting fierce about human goodness such as ”If I do this, do I still have to go to the gym?” (Just kidding, no one asks that…well, almost no one) can be found in Part Three.

Although the posts are written as a progression, please use the Table of Contents links to jump to any area that interests you and in any order that works for you.

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