160114-toolkit-imageWe are just two weeks into the new year but this is typically about the time when I find myself re-considering all those good intentions I had on New Year’s Day. No matter what I am looking to add to my daily habits, the barrier is routinely time. It just seems there is never enough.

This year, I decided to start with time in mind. If I could carve out 5 extra minutes a day what would I do that would make the biggest change?

Five minutes sounds easy, right? But even that small amount of time can be challenging to find! Apparently, not just for me but for it seems true for many of us given all of advice I found online.

If you are looking to find 5 minutes for new resolutions or hopefully, to join the 5 to Thrive Challenge, check these out!

· 10 Minutes Found! Go from 20 Minute to 7 Minute Breakfasts

· 45 Minutes Found! Go From 60 Minute to 15 Minute Workouts

· 15+ Minutes Found! Discover How You Can Manage Time Better

· ??? Minutes Found! Discover Where You Might be Wasting Time

Do you have other great ideas for finding 5 minutes in the day? Share that on Twitter with #5tothrive!