In the blog post “5 Reasons Self-Awareness Matters for Leaders,” Mary Ryerse of Getting Smart gives five solid reasons why self-awareness is important in leadership:

  • Self-awareness is a core leadership competency
  • Self-awareness makes way for empathy
  • Self-awareness increases effectiveness 
  • Self-awareness promotes flexibility
  • Self-awareness naturally leads to engaging others

For those who lead and work in a school environment—a constant web of human interaction—self-awareness is especially important. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why it matters here—be sure to also check out the simple 5 minute activities for improving school & organizational culture in the 5 to Thrive Toolkit provided by Mayerson Academy, a non-profit professional learning organization. Mary Ryerse

Visit Getting Smart to read the full post. Check out how one Middle School Principal is using the #5toThrive School Culture Challenge to to build skills like self-awareness: