160405-Literacy image-laptop2-resized for webThe first cohort in Mayerson Academy’s Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading Practicum I Online began their coursework on August 15, 2016. A second cohort will begin in January 2017.

Mayerson Academy’s Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading Practicum I – ONLINE program is the only entirely online, stand-alone, multisensory structured language course accredited by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).The content and practicum requirements are identical to the Academy’s face-to-face program is also accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council and was deemed “exemplary professional development” in the Ohio Department of Education’s Dyslexia Pilot. For more information Mayerson Academy’s program, please visit mayersonacademy.org/literacy.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

141021-IDA-Accredited-Program-Logo-Transparent-BackgroundThe practicum: each participant is assigned to a Master Teacher who provides one-to-one coaching and feedback on the creation and teaching of 16 lesson plans custom-tailored for the student the participant is tutoring during the course. Using the Edthena platform, participants upload their lessons and videos of their instruction enabling instructors to give specific feedback at point of need on both planning and implementation of OG methodology. The maximum instructor/participant ratio in any cohort is 8:1.

“I can honestly say that this OG training has been the single most beneficial training that I have experienced in my entire teaching career. I have gained more knowledge and confidence in the reading process… than I gained in acquiring two master degrees.” 

—Ken Stevenson, K-1 Teacher, Roberts Elementary

  “I can’t say enough about my training in OG. I teach seventh and eighth grade as an itervention specialist… and I love seeing when students have an ‘ohhh’ moment! I also have been using OG in private tutoring, and my student has been making so much growth.”  

—Joy Jackson, Intervention Specialist, Grades 7-8, Forest Hills Schools

Don’t let another year pass by without gaining this valuable literacy training – register today or contact Sonia Milrod, Mayerson Academy’s literacy professional development specialist, at milrod.sonia@mayersonacademy.org to learn more.