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Mayerson Academy: Inspiring Successful Outcomes for 25 Years. Encouraging us to be our best.

CINCINNATI, Ohio (November 9, 2017) – Mayerson Academy, a non-profit provider of professional development services to the education sector, will celebrate 25 years of service on Thursday, November 9th at 6:00 p.m. at Cincinnati’s Union Hall with an evening of storytelling from local educators and leaders.

“For 25 years, the Mayerson Academy staff has been passionately devoted to creating extraordinary learning experiences. Today’s team is fortunate to build upon the organization’s legacy of success to work with partners across the country and around the world, revealing the very best within individuals, teams, and organizations,” said Jillian Darwish, Mayerson Academy President. “One of our most treasured privileges is to hear the stories of impact from learners and the beautiful ripples that are created as a result,” Darwish added. “These are the stories we need to celebrate because they demonstrate, in a time when we are not always surrounded with stories of us-at-our-best, the tremendous possibility for what happens when we are.”

Mayerson Academy will pay tribute to the stories of Christopher Grant, Principal of Westwood Elementary School; Kristen St. Clair, Founder of In the Field and recipient of Strong Cincinnati grant; Sue Hodges-Moore – Senior Vice President at NKU, and Millie Thompson, Teacher, Cincinnati Public Schools. They will share stories about learning, growing, and impacting outcomes in schools and communities by developing new capacities and discovering of their own unique strengths.

“We wanted to celebrate this occasion by lifting up the good within our own neighborhoods and schools,” said Joe Moorman, event organizer and Director of Strategic Projects for Mayerson Academy. “Each of these individuals tells a story about how they have been able to find strengths in themselves, the children they teach, and the colleagues they work with, and then leverage those strengths to impact the world.”

For more than two decades, Mayerson Academy has been deeply committed to inspiring successful outcomes for learners of all ages through creative, customized services and learning experiences. We’ve made it our mission to celebrate strengths and inspire people to reach their greatest potential—one organization, one team and one person at a time. The Academy has proudly partnered with Cincinnati Public Schools, with whom we design, deliver and/or manage more than 600 learning opportunities for more than 3000 educators, annually. Through our online, blended and place-based experiences, we reach nearly 100 districts across the country and around the world while welcoming more than 10,000 guests to our facility each year.

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Media Contact: Lisa Scheerer, scheerer.lisa@mayersonacademy.org or 513-475-4128.

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