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Mayerson Academy Releases Case Studies on Character Strengths in Education

Case studies on character strengths in education

CINCINNATI, Ohio (August 15, 2016) –  Mayerson Academy, a non-profit provider of professional development services in the education sector, announced today the publication of a new series of case studies demonstrating how schools are applying the science of character strengths to the heart of learning using the Thriving Learning Communities program.

The first case study, Leading with Character, explores how three Cincinnati Public Schools principals have used the Thriving Learning Communities program to enhance their unique and inspiring vision for social and emotional learning, while also strengthening their school culture. Each principal’s distinctive leadership style and unwavering commitment to student success provides a compelling model for advancing social and emotional development school wide.

In the second case study, Amplifying Student Strengths, educators at two Cincinnati Public School District elementary schools describe how they have woven character strengths language into the fabric of their school community through the Thriving Learning Communities program. This comprehensive integration at both schools is impacting motivation, engagement, learning and performance for students and fostering a more inclusive classroom and school community.

“We all intuitively appreciate the importance of general well-being for our students and community but these case studies beautifully illustrate just how powerful the outcomes associated with a focus on strengths can be,” said Jillian Darwish, Ed.D., President of Mayerson Academy.

“So much energy today seems to be focused on solving what is wrong with students that we often forget to celebrate what is inherently good about each and every one of them,” said Lynn Ochs, Senior Program Director for Mayerson Academy.  “When we begin to view students and the entire school community from a place of strength instead of weakness, many positive outcomes begin to emerge including significant positive impact on student motivation, engagement, learning and performance. These case studies begin to tell the stories.”

Mayerson Academy plans to publish a total of 7 case studies about the Thriving Learning Communities work in the coming weeks. All case studies can be viewed and downloaded from the Impact page on the Mayerson Academy website.

For more than two decades Mayerson Academy has been deeply committed to inspiring successful outcomes for learners of all ages through creative, customized services and learning experiences.

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