OGApp_iphone_02In the summer 2016 Examiner E-Newsletter published by the International Dyslexia Association, Mayerson Academy’s OG Card Deck app was featured among the best apps for literacy by Dr. Elaine Cheesman. In her column, Dr. Cheesman’s App Chat, she reviews “mobile apps that support many of the early literacy skills and instructional practices identified by the Report of the National Early Literacy Panel (NELP, 2002).”

Mayerson Academy’s OG Card Deck App is downloadable free (with no ads) from both  iTunes and Google Play – search for Mayerson Academy.

The app assists children with dyslexia and teachers who are using a phonics-based approach to teaching reading. This simple and effective Orton-Gillingham electronic card deck enhances understanding of over 80 common grapheme-phoneme correspondences that form the building blocks for reading and spelling. The OG app is relevant to teaching decoding to both beginning and older students who are struggling with phoneme articulation and is also ideal for teacher-training.

Each grapheme card on the App offers the user the multisensory experience of:

  • Hearing the corresponding phoneme and key word
  • Watching a video clip modeling the proper articulation of the phoneme
  • Practicing the phoneme with a voice recording/playback option

In addition, the menu provides an Auditory (Phoneme-Grapheme) Drill through which students can practice the multiple ways to spell phonemes in English. The student clicks to play the video and then writes down the grapheme(s) that spell the sound and then can check the answer

The OG app menu also allows the user to select one or more categories for practice: consonants, single vowels, consonant digraphs, vowel teams, vowel + r, short vowel signals, VCe, and common suffixes.

Mayerson Academy developed its OG Card Deck App as a resource for teachers enrolled in the literacy courses offered both online and face-to face through Mayerson Academy, including the Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading Program, accredited through the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).

The app was developed with funding from the Smale Family Foundation and is offered free – with no ads- on both the Android and Apple Platforms.