Organizational Consulting

Why is this work important?

Running an organization is hard – and whether you’re working to define your organization’s vision, establish a new strategic plan, solve an intractable challenge, or boost your team culture, the stakes are high. We see our partners’ most monumental tasks and challenges as exceptional opportunities to accelerate impact, advance growth and maximize strengths. And we delight in knowing that your success will help influence better outcomes for those you reach through your work.

How do we go about it?

Whether it’s a staff retreat, a board meeting, a strategic planning session or an ongoing consultation, our team applies research-based approaches to ensure the experience meets your needs. Our expert facilitators and consultants have worked across the country with schools and districts, national membership organizations, policymakers, foundations and innovation accelerators to create conversations and solutions that matter. First, we take the time to get to know you and your organization so that we can tailor an approach that works in your unique context. Then we align with you on outcomes and create learning experiences designed to engage your constituents and lead to results.

What results will you see?

Your success is our reward – first and foremost we strive to help you meet your desired outcomes and expand engagement and performance for your team. We also think that learning experiences should be engaging, applicable and memorable – even for adults! That’s why we create evaluations for each learning experience to collect participant feedback about session facilitation, design and applicability.

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