O-G Multisensory ReadingMayerson Academy’s Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading Program is designed for pre-K–6 teachers, K–12 intervention specialists and tutors of those with dyslexia or reading difficulties. The Academy’s Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading program is accredited by both the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).

A key component of Mayerson Academy’s program is that, under the guidance and supervision of master teachers, teachers design and implement explicit, systematic and structured multisensory lesson plans custom-tailored to the needs of individual students or small groups. What makes the Academy’s Orton-Gillingham courses unique is that through on-site coaching, Master Teachers assist each participant in implementing Orton-Gillingham methodology to strengthen their core reading programs (Tier I), provide remediation in small groups (Tier II), and/or provide intensive remediation to individuals (Tier III).

From January 2015 through December 2015, 85 teachers completed this intense practicum course, which is partially funded through generous grants from the Charles H. Dater and Smale Family Foundations. The following are testimonials from recent graduates about the success they are having with their students because of the training they’ve received:

I am an Intervention Specialist with a self-contained ED unit. Some of my students are of grade-level abilities, but I have three students with very specific reading needs.  I am able to individualize the Orton lessons and use the structure and philosophy of the program to match their special learning styles.  Each is addressed one-on-one and their progress has been amazing.  Previous years and other programs were ineffective, but this year they are not only reading more fluently, but writing and spelling using Orton strategies.

One of my students is able to read with acceptable speed, but was unable to focus on unfamiliar words or to isolate phonemes. He had no kindergarten, had attended a virtual academy in first grade, and was precluded from any effective phonics instruction after that because of his severe behavior.  By the third grade, he had had no phonics instruction to speak of.  His spelling and writing skills were on a K level.  He has been receiving Orton Gillingham for the past six months.  I recently showed a story he had written to his father and he was astonished at the difference.  The student is able to slow his oral reading to be more accurate and can actually use phonics strategies to decode unfamiliar words.

This was just one story of the difference this program can make to students with challenging issues.  Orton-Gillingham in the hands of a skilled behavior teacher can break through some of those tough emotional barriers and make reading make sense.


Cathy Roberts
Intervention Specialist
Sharpsburg Elementary
Norwood City Schools


The Orton-Gillingham training has impacted my teaching in a monumental way! I cannot remember how I taught reading before this training. The resources, decks, student sheets, and practice time has given me the tools and skills needed to provide direct and appropriate multi-sensory reading instruction. I have students who are EXCITED to come to Orton Lessons, they are feeling confident about reading which is reflecting in all of their work. When students get to see their large deck full of sounds they have already mastered they smile with pride.

Thanks for all you do,

Colleen Arbuckle
Primary Classroom Teacher
Pleasant Ridge Montessori
Cincinnati Public Schools


My experience with OG has impacted my entire way of teaching! With being an SED teacher it has given me the benefits of using this in my High School classroom.  I have had students bump up three grade levels already! I love having the connector that allows for me to pull things off to use in my classroom!

Anna Colyer
Intervention Specialist
Western Hills University High School
Cincinnati Public Schools


I completed the Orton-Gillingham (OG) course this past July and have applied the strategies I learned from the course in my first grade classroom.  It has made a positive difference!  I have noticed major improvements in my students’ reading fluency and decoding skills.  Additionally, I feel more prepared, equipped, and confident when teaching reading.  I am extremely grateful the course was offered through Mayerson. The OG class helped me to turn head knowledge into a systematic and explicit pedagogical method that teaches children how to read proficiently.

Aisha Berry
Cheviot Elementary
Cincinnati Public Schools


I use my training every day in my first grade classroom. To say it has helped, is an understatement. Students learn to read and decode in so many different ways. Now that I have an additional strategy and resource to use to teach my kids makes me a better teacher. The science and sequence behind OG gives reason to my students and building blocks for them to increase their fluency.

Jenn Egan
Grade 1 Teacher
Forest Hills Schools


I wanted to share my experiences so far with Orton Gillingham.  I am an intervention specialist in Forest Hills Schools and I attended the summer session at Mayerson Academy this past summer.  I have a student with whom I had worked with the previous year that was grade levels behind in reading because she only read what she could memorize.  She was unable to phonetically sound out most words and did not have any strategies in her ‘toolbox’ for learning new words.  Once I began my classes, I could not wait to work with her using all of my new tools. I have been working with her this year and we use all of our OG materials.  She loves having a ‘plan or strategy’ to attack her words and loves using the OG rules such as the ‘magic e.’  She has increased her reading by several levels since the beginning of the school year!  She has not only increased her reading level, but her confidence in her abilities has increased greatly.  If she forgets (falls into old habits) and asks how to pronounce a word without trying, I tell her that I am not going to give her that word until she tries, and then she remembers that she does have ‘tools’ to help her pronounce the word. I love seeing her bright smile when she realizes that she decoded the word correctly all on her own.  I am looking forward to continuing my OG training!  Thank you Mayerson and OG!

Rhonda Russo
Intervention Specialist
Forest Hills School district


Registration is now open for June and July 2016 courses – go to https://www.mayersonacademy.org/product-category/products-services/services/orton-gillingham/

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