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Meetings and Events

Our staff of experts and national network of partners are excited to work with you to design an unforgettable event. Working together, we’ll ensure that every element of the experience, from the first communication to the last evaluation, strategically accomplishes your goals. Whether it’s inspiring leaders, engaging employees, building capacity, or something else altogether, we have creative solutions to energize your content and achieve optimum results. Some examples of Our Work in this area:

I am CPS

Mayerson Academy provides support for Cincinnati Public Schools’ I am CPS culture transformation initiative, which will enable all Cincinnati Public Schools staff members to embrace and live out shared values and competencies and sustain a high level of performance.  Mayerson provides resources and expertise around professional learning design, culture change strategy, culture assessment and leadership development.

Strong Cincinnati

Mayerson Academy is working closely with community leaders to build and design the Strong Cincinnati initiative. Strong Cincinnati aims to foster strong, connected communities through the activation of strengths within individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods. We are leveraging the amazing work happening in schools with the Thriving Learning Communities program and exploring what it would look like to take this work beyond the school and support a strengths-based neighborhood.

CLC Impact Conferences

Since 2015, Mayerson Academy has partnered with the CPS Family and Community Engagement team and Community Learning Center Leadership to design and plan Impact Conferences for principals, resource coordinators and community partners representing more than 40 CPS schools.  The Impact Conferences support school-based impact teams to utilize a collective impact model to align goals and resources and to develop innovative strategies for CPS Community Learning Centers.


& Deliver

Courses and Programs

Since 1992, we have developed and delivered hundreds of in-person, blended and online courses and workshops. These solutions take many forms, and arise in response to direct requests as well as emerging needs we see in the field. No matter what form they take, external evaluators have consistently shown that our efforts create a positive impact on learners of all ages.

A recent evaluation indicates that “students whose teachers received professional learning from Mayerson Academy have achieved increased math and reading test scores on state standardized tests, typically 6 to 10 percentile points more than students whose teachers did not participate in our training.”

We would be delighted to develop or curate courses to meet your unique needs. Some examples of Our Work in this area include:

Thriving Learning Communities

Mayerson Academy is passionate about delivering a WOW experience every time we engage with every partner, which is why we’re committed to collaborating with you to design custom solutions that are scientifically-based and reflect cutting-edge findings about the use of character strengths to promote positive outcomes in individuals of all ages. Visit our store to explore Thriving Learning Communities products or work with Mayerson Academy’s talented learning design and facilitation specialists to create a custom Thriving Learning Communities experience for your school, district or community.  


Thanks to more than two decades of work in the field, our experts are established as recognized leaders in literacy, equipping teachers to develop students’ capacity to become successful readers and writers. Our literacy programs are evidence-based, incorporating the “big ideas” that the National Reading Panel (2000) found to be clearly supported by scientific research and our Orton-Gillingham program provides the training in early intervention and diagnosis of dyslexia that is mandated by many states. Visit our store to explore Literacy courses and tools or work with Mayerson Academy’s talented learning design and facilitation specialists to create a custom Literacy program for your school, district or community.

Blended Learning

Mayerson Academy recently had the opportunity to facilitate the Leadership in Blended Learning six-session series designed for school principals by the Friday Institute. This highly-engaging course focused on designing a strong school vision and road map for blended learning was timely, receiving high marks by area principals in attendance. As a follow-up to the course, our Mayerson Academy facilitator was featured in a national webinar sponsored by the Alliance for Excellence in Education, titled Leading Blended and Digital Learning: Creating a Culture Starts with Principals.


& Consult

Vision, Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement

Our expert facilitators and consultants have worked across the country with schools and districts, national membership organizations, policymakers, foundations and innovation accelerators to create conversations and solutions that matter. We delight in helping organizations advance through vision and values definition, strategic and operational planning, collaborative problem solving and team building. Some examples of Our Work in this area include:

NKU Strong

Working with leaders at Northern Kentucky University, Mayerson Academy has been facilitating rich conversations on how to build a culture of wellbeing where staff, faculty, and students can truly be at their best. We help to provide technical training around character strengths, guidance on culture-shifting activities, and support in developing effective branding and communications.

Oak Hills Local School District

Mayerson Academy is partnering with the Oak Hills Local School District to design a professional learning pilot that will help transform the district’s professional learning culture.  Mayerson Academy staff is providing research, design and facilitation support around systems change strategy, professional learning assessment, and scaling the initiative over time.

Cincinnati Public Schools

Over the year, staff members from Mayerson Academy reached out to CPS principals in order to review courses that had been offered at each school within the past two years, to reacquaint them with existing services and to seek input on how we might be most helpful to them as they work to support their staff members in reaching requirements related to professional development. Consultation has focused on coaching to enhance literacy instruction, creating meaningful book studies for teams of teachers, enhancing Vision 2020 implementation and supporting specific school-based program initiatives.

For an example of vision and strategy work we facilitated for Cincinnati Public Schools, click here


& Support

Operations and Tools

We love learning. Sometimes that means we take on very visible roles, and sometimes that means we’re behind the scenes. When our Learning Management Services Team isn’t welcoming each of the hundreds of individuals who enter through our doors every day, they are expertly addressing the less visible aspects of our work that are critical to great learning experiences. Our dedicated team manages the learning credentials of thousands of educators and ensures that countless numbers of registrations, contracts and invoices are all handled seamlessly.

Recently this has resulted in managing well over 600 courses annually for more than 11,000 registered participants who earned 88,226 contact hours and 1008 graduate credit hours. The amazing staff members who process all of this information are especially proud of the results of the most recent Customer Satisfaction survey, indicating an overall satisfaction rating of 3.9 (on a 4.0 scale). This rating includes the highest sub-scores achieved in our organization’s more than two-decade history, with respect to timeliness of response to requests for assistance, completeness of response, and our facilities.

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