Julie Shore

Thriving Learning Communities Program Specialist

As a TLC Program Specialist, Julie is excited to bring Thriving Learning Communities™  into schools and share the power and beauty of the Academy’s character strengths program. Through her work, Julie finds  joy in helping educators discover and develop their strengths—and then supporting them, as they teach their students to do the same. Because educators are doing hard work and making such a significant contribution to our world—-Julie believes sharing a strength-based lens with teachers helps them establish and maintain a positive view, mindset, and focus.

As a constant throughout her career, Julie believes in the ripple effect  – effecting change and positive outcomes by the work we do, the people we connect with, and the relationships we build. Julie is driven by the thought that who we are matters, our unique gifts matter, and we are meant to share them.  Julie’s experience in education spans over twenty-five years and includes multiple school settings, grade levels, and content areas. Most recently, her roles included School Improvement Specialist, Gifted Instructional Specialist, and Education Consultant. Her daughters are the foundation and driving force for everything Julie does, and they inspire her each and every day.