Join Us: Bring the WOW!

Want to bring a WOW experience every day? At Mayerson Academy, we’ve made it our mission to celebrate strengths and inspire people to reach their greatest potential—one organization, one team and one person at a time. As forward-thinking learning services experts, we are pioneering innovative solutions designed to deliver results. Ultimately our goal is to inspire everyone we reach to be at their best every day and to help others do the same.

We are a strengths-based group of diverse professionals who inspire educators and organizations to realize their visions for success through extraordinary learning experiences. We would love for you to join our team.

Here’s a little bit more about who we are and what we value:

Utilizing a strengths-based approach, we create extraordinary learning experiences that maximize
learning, engagement and performance and ultimately transform cultures.

Since 1992, we have designed extraordinary learning experiences, proven to transform organizational
and learning cultures. Our work is grounded in the science of character strengths – through this lens,
we help:

  • Schools become thriving learning communities
  • Organizations become workplaces where everyone flourishes, and
  • Neighborhoods become hubs of connected, community change makers.

Since our founding, we have reached more than ½ million students, and have worked with thousands
of schools and organizations in Cincinnati and across the globe.

We are constantly striving to live out our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our work –
with each other and with our partners.
We believe that diversity matters because providing extraordinary learning experiences is only possible
when we truly leverage the diverse thinking, perspectives and experiences of our staff, partners and
We believe that equity matters because it helps ensure high outcomes of access, opportunities, or self determined
success for all individuals, regardless of any social or cultural factor.
We believe that inclusion matters because it maximizes learning and creativity. An inclusive culture
allows everyone to be themselves and to be their best – two ingredients for valuable and authentic
contributions from all.

OUR CORE VALUES form the foundation of everything we do and shape who we are. We talk about
them, work them, and live them every day because we believe this is the best way to fulfill our highest
hopes for learners of all ages: