What a great start to the year! Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 5 to Thrive Challenge we launched in January. We loved hearing comments from our friends who participated in Cincinnati, across the country, and around the world as we all took small steps that can add up to big culture change.   

The feedback made us smile so we wanted to share just a bit of it. Comments like:

I love the calendar!  It is a simple way of keeping your day in perspective. It helps you concentrate on your strengths and reminds you to think of others. Thinking of others is, in my opinion, the best way to help you through rough times in your life. The first activity was self-awareness. I love the quote from Daniel Goleman, ‘A lack of self-awareness is a primary cause of ineffective leadership.’ (Hope Reilly, K-8 Counselor, Pueblo, CO)

We love this #5tothrive School Culture Challenge (@PosEdNet)

Check out MayersonAcademy‘s #5ToThrive challenge if you are thinking your school’s culture needs a boost (@mike_moroski)

@mayersonacademy love ur dedication to positive school culture! (@swolbe)

Five minutes towards improving school culture: … From and — which means it’s good! (@andrewcalkins)

The graphic illustrates a summary of the challenge’s impact.

Mayerson Academy’s 5 to Thrive impact.