With proven, research-based programs 

Increased engagement, motivation, learning and performance – it is all possible with a positive learning culture. But we know this is more challenging than ever. Informed by the latest research, Thriving Learning Communities™ (TLC) is an innovative social and emotional learning(SEL) program that transforms school cultures by leveraging the science of character strengths. In nearly 100 TLC schools around the world, engagement and performance are collectively on the rise!

With fully accredited courses 

With a focus on the phonology, orthography and structure of the English language, our Orton-Gillingham program offers a deep understanding of how students learn to read and write.  As a course participant, you will learn to plan and implement systematic, explicit, multisensory language instruction in a way that has been proven to meet the needs of all students, including those who struggle to master reading skills. 

With personalized, expert consulting 

Whether it’s strategic planning, team building, or staff professional development, we create research-based learning experiences to help our school partners reach their goals and strengthen culture. Our expert consultants collaborate with you to build and deliver a personalized solution to meet your needs.