In Why Parents Need to Dial Back the Criticism, Belinda Luscombe writes about The Strength Switch, a new book by Australian psychologist Lea Waters.

Waters suggests that parents make a small but significant step to parent children in a way that enhances a child’s strengths rather than always focusing on helping them overcome their weaknesses.
How to discover your kids’ real strengths?

According to Waters, they have three components: 1 – He or she is good at it. 2 – He or she feels good and becomes energized while doing it. 3 – He or she often chooses to do it.

Identifying character strengths – and focusing on what is strong instead of what is wrong – is at the heart of our Thriving Learning Communities work. This new publication shows how parents can begin to adopt a new positive mindset that shifts the practice of parenting from a negative base of criticism – or a grinding march to improve on weaknesses – to one that focuses on identifying and enhancing a child’s strengths.

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