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Why is this work important?
When it comes to employee wellbeing, recent research suggests that 70% of workers report that they spend most of their time somewhere between ‘functioning’ and ‘flailing’ and less than 30% report consistently feeling like they are flourishing (

Research has also shown that employees who regularly use their strengths at work are up to 18 times more likely to be flourishing – to have higher levels of engagement, stronger relationships, and greater levels of accomplishment (Hone, et al 2015). These results lead to higher levels of engagement, performance and well-being in organizations – and we know that stronger non-profit organizations across our city will lead to a stronger Cincinnati.

How do we go about it?

The Strong Cincinnati Institute activates strengths in individuals and organizations to maximize employee engagement, performance and well-being. The Institute utilizes a blend of five research-based group learning experiences, strategic consultation and customized coaching designed to give participants a deep introduction to the application of strengths in the workplace. The Institute is structured as a cohort model, thus providing opportunities for connection and collaboration among participating organizations. Organizations that complete the Institute become part of the Strong Cincinnati network and gain access to a growing learning community of non-profit organizations across the city that are building strengths-based workplaces.

What results will you see?
In the short term, organizations gain new insights and resources that can be easily applied to strengthen organizational culture. Institute participants report that:

  • 100% of participating organizations move from strengths knowledge to application in the workplace.
  • 100% of participants agree that the Institute was a valuable professional learning experience.
  • 96% would recommend the Institute to a colleague in another organization.

With sustained application and implementation, Strong Cincinnati Institute organizations can expect to experience increased measures of employee engagement, performance and well-being via the PERMAH Workplace Wellbeing Survey. The Strong Cincinnati network supports sustained culture shifts by providing access to additional tools, resources, professional development events and networking opportunities for member organizations.

• the experience was valuable for their own personal development

• they gained new insights and resources to immediately apply in their work

Medium-term: organizations experience an increased measures of employee engagement, performance and well-being via the PERMAH Workplace Wellbeing Survey.

Long term: the Strong Cincinnati network will support significant and sustained culture shifts across local organizations.

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