Thriving Learning CommunitiesTM

Create positive school cultures that expand student
engagement, learning and performance.

Designed for school communities searching for a proven SEL program that leverages the science of character.

The science of character strengths

The Thriving Learning CommunitiesTM (TLC) program helps students recognize and apply their own unique combination of strengths as they learn how to navigate the world. Using their strengths, students explore how to be the best version of themselves inside and outside school.

Accelerates social and emotional learning

Unique in the field of SEL programming, TLC applies the science of character strengths to the practice of teaching and learning. This research-based approach to improving students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) skills through the lens of character strengths impacts school culture, accelerating the change process through the powerful combination of three critical elements:

  1. The science of character strengths;
  2. Social and emotional learning addressing five interrelated sets of competencies (CASEL, 2005) — self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships skills, and decision-making;
  3. Flexible K-12 curriculum, tools, and parental resources supporting customization and innovation.

TLC Champions Institute builds leaders

The Champions Institute launches school teams on the exciting journey to transform their learning cultures. In this three-day experience, a small group of school leaders join a like-minded collaborative of other schools to build knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively implement the TLC program.

The Institute is designed to build school capacity and expertise through our specialized Train the Trainer model. This immersive experience ensures schools have Champions on the ground who are able to customize the program to match the schools’ needs, and advocate for the programs integration throughout the school system.

Once Champions join the TLC family, they have access to continued support through online resources, a variety of character strength products, and virtual coaching.


Our research shows that with a deliberate focus on SEL through the lens of character strengths, schools see an improvement in students’ SEL competencies, engagement, attendance, discipline and academic performance.


Learn how you can positively impact your school’s culture.

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We work with organizations and schools to help individuals thrive by activating their unique character strengths. Hear their stories.

  • By recognizing and naming character strengths, the child has been given the freedom to manifest that strength. We’ve empowered them and given them permission to sit in their greatness.

    Pam Knox,
    Resource Coordinator, Cincinnati Public Schools
  • The consistent language that this program has provided, for not only our staff but for our children, has helped them to understand their strengths as well as identify areas to improve. They come to this conclusion on their own!

    Julie Ayers,
    Former Principal, Cincinnati Public Schools
  • I think that students gain personal strength from the program. The students gained self-confidence as others began naming their unique strengths. It’s confirmation that they have strengths, and our students don’t always get this at home.

    Lauren Braddock,
    School Psychologist, Cincinnati Public Schools
  • As students get to know one another better, they become more tolerant and empathetic … and they look at each other differently and with more appreciation and understanding.

    Alicia Setta,
    Intervention Specialist, Cincinnati Public Schools
  • The school culture has improved with the implementation of Thriving Learning Communities and our daily focus on strengths. Adopting the character strength language has provided our students with the opportunity to build more positive relationships with each other.

    Melanie Valenly,
    Teacher, Youngstown City School District

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