Read our Case Study on Leadership

Read our Case Study on Leadership

Our Character Strength of the Month for January is Leadership. It is no coincidence that we selected this character strength as our theme at the same time we launched our 5 to Thrive School Culture Challenge. January is the month of new beginnings. It is a time for hopeful planning and forward thinking – but also a time for reflection and review of our accomplishments and if or how we successfully met our challenges in days past. At Mayerson Academy we believe that positive building-level change begins with the personal transformation of school leadership

In Leading with Character, a recently published case study, three school principals share how they have used Thriving Learning Communities (TLC) program to shape their vision and school culture. Children look to school leadership to guide them. If leaders exude the confidence and clarity a focus on positive character strengths allows – they can lift up each child and instill in them the knowledge and core understanding that there is good and right in each of us – instead of leading from a well of deficits we need to rectify. 

As we approach Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day we invite you to revisit this excellent post written by Carlton R. Collins on the legacy of Dr. King which speaks directly to the role of educators as leaders:

“It is our character on display daily that has more impact on students than anything we could ever teach them through instruction. Not everyone connects with each lesson or every subject matter but all of our students have a capacity to connect on an emotional level with adults who pour into their lives.” Carlton R. Collins from Remembering the Inspiring Legacy of Dr. King in our Service as Educators.

We also invite you to begin to take leadership action in your school building or community by downloading the 5 to Thrive toolkit and taking the School Culture Challenge. Perhaps next January you will be able to share how your actions helped improve the culture at your school.