TLC Feature in Education WeekIn a just published article, Online Gaming Platform Aims to Teach Social and Emotional Skills, Education Week spotlights Mayerson Academy’s Thriving Learning Communities program – a personalized learning program that applies the science of character strengths and the engagement of digital games to deliver the most innovative, strengths-based, blended learning program available.

Highlighted in this article is the Thriving Learning Communities character strengths curriculum currently in use at Deer Park Ohio Community City Schools. Last year Deer Park was awarded a Straight A Grant from the State of Ohio Department of Education to implement the Thriving Learning Communities Program. More than 50 other public and private schools across the country have also implemented the program.

As a professional learning firm, Mayerson Academy has a long history of exploring and creating new ways to advance learning and sees tremendous potential in  blending digital games combined with other forms of learning for learners of all ages.

“We are thrilled to see our work highlighted in Education Week,” said Jillian Darwish, the president of Mayerson Academy. “The more communities and schools have access to the science of character strengths and social and emotional learning and the practical applications of each, the better positioned they will be to inspire motivation, engagement and learning for every learner within the context of our demanding and dynamic world.”

“The integration of the best of Mayerson Academy’s proven Thriving Learning Communities programs with the award-winning Happify game platform is what sets this program apart from other more traditional offerings,” said Lynn Ochs, Senior Program Director. “The ability to engage in online, micro-learning experiences designed specifically to reinforce the deeper curricular work makes this a truly blended and personalized experience for learners of all ages.”

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