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Curriculum Designed With Flexibility in Mind

The Thriving Learning Communities Curriculum Guides offer a flexible and easy-to-follow set of learning experiences that build on your core curriculum and students’ life experiences. These are not prescribed activities, but rather a flexible set of learning opportunities that cs-cg-7-8-product-imageexplore social and emotional learning through the lens of strengths.  The guides are arranged so that you can determine which activities will be the best fit for your classroom and school. 

Each unit in the Thriving Classroom Curriculum Guides address one of the four core components of social and emotional learning: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship skills.  Decision-making, the fifth component typically found in SEL programs, is woven into activities throughout the guide as this component is fundamental to all others. 

See sample classroom activities from our curriculum that explore the strength of Judgment and the strength of Perspective.   

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