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Examples in Action

Strengths Turn Students into Superheroes

Character Strengths  on Parade
Character Strengths on Parade

Brown Middle School in Ravenna, Ohio, one of our 9 Champions Institute grant recipients, recently took home 1st place in the Youth Float Division and received the Trustees Award for Originality at the annual Ravenna Balloon-A-Fair.
“Our float was created by our Art students under the direction of our Art teacher, Lisa Mckenna. In preparation for the event, we held a Family Art night where students and their parents came in to create “Character Strength” Capes. Our kids and parents made their own capes to be worn during the parade so our students could show off their Character Strength “superpowers.” Our float was also covered in the character strengths,” said Jonathan Lane, Principal of Brown. “The school culture improvement plan is taking off at Brown and we will continue to build from here!

Integrating Character Strengths into Service LearningCopy of 6Z4A8475

Cincinnati Christian Hills shares how they proactively integrated character strengths into their current service learning activities. “When we began thinking deeply about how to engage the students with the community, we wanted to do so from a place of mutual respect and admiration for the people they serve, rather than a place of pity. Our theme for the three days was “Changing Our World,” and we integrated character strengths into the experience. We wanted students to be aware and to apply in their lives that all people have character strengths, regardless of their current situation.”

Character Strengths in a Montessori School

Jeff Groh, Director of The New School Montessori, exploring character strengths in the classroom.
Jeff Groh, Director of The New School Montessori, exploring character strengths in the classroom.

Bravery, perseverance and optimism are more than vocabulary words at The New School Montessori. These and other character traits are part of the curriculum at the school, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

The focus on character traits began heading into the 2015-16 school year, as Jeff Groh prepared to take over as director of the school. While preparing for the role, Groh, who was the school’s assistant director from 2012 to 2015, spent time reading and interviewing staff members.

“Although we collaboratively all understood that we value reflection and character development, we never had a common language that was attached to that common value,” he said.

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