Dedicate 5 minutes each day for the next month to simple activities that will reframe your thinking and improve the culture in your school

Did160114-toolkit-image you know that by dedicating 5 minutes a day to research-based activities, it is possible to shift your culture to one in which learners of all ages thrive? Request the 5 to Thrive School Culture Challenge toolkit below, filled with daily microlearning opportunities you can use to reframe your thinking in a way that expands your motivation, engagement, performance — even your well-being.

Want to learn more about strengths-based culture transformation? Read about our findings from our work in 54 middle schools in the United States. 

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Thriving Learning Community Videos & Presentations

Thriving Learning Communities in Action
Cincinnati Public Schools


Character Strengths: Focusing on the Best in People
Dr. Jillian Darwish, President of Mayerson Academy, presented at the ECET2 Kentucky Conference: Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers Conference

Advancing Learning, Relating, and Performing through Character Strengths and Digital Games
Lynn Ochs, Senior Learning Designer at Mayerson Academy, presented at the Association for Middle Level Education’s (AMLE) annual conference.

Thought Leaders Share their Knowledge & Expertise

Two Tools to Build Community at Work, September 2016

Using Common Language of Character in the Classroom, August 2016

It all Begins Here: Amplify you Students’ Strengths this School Year, August 2016

Use all 24, Share, Make the World a Better Place, July 2016

Enhancing Learning and Performance in the Classroom, May 2016

Flip Your Switch to the Positive, February 2016

The Strength of True North to Heal, January 2016

More on Character Strengths

Using Creativity to Combat PTSD, October 2016

Crawl out of the Cave and Be Brave, September 2016

Embracing Bravery, September 2016

Integrating Character Strengths into Service Learning, March 2016

Social Intelligence: Activities to Help Build Strong Communities, February 2016

What is This Thing Called Love, February 2016

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