Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.50.37 AMIn a recent Getting Smart blog, Mary Ryerse and Carri Schneider wrote about How 2 Minutes of SEL Can Change the Tone for the Day. In observing the character strengths work at Carson K-8 school in Cincinnati, Ryerse and Schneider highlighted the positive partnerships currently underway in 41 Cincinnati schools and others around the country.

In our Thriving Learning Communities with Happify work, Mayerson Academy partners not only with districts but also with the award winning Happify game platform and VIA Institute on Character, the highly regarded international thought leader on positive psychology.

Mayerson Academy specializes in designing learning experiences for improved performance – in this case, building upon the science of character strengths and well-being. President Jillian Darwish reflects:

Our core purpose is to improve performance through extraordinary learning experiences. With this initiative, we work with school and classroom leaders to establish a strengths-based  culture that supports the development of social emotional learning competencies which we know will catalyze the best possible learning environment for all learners. This partnership strategically provides the structure, tools, coaching and research base to make it happen.

Read more about the research, the results, culture and long term benefits of this approach on the Getting Smart blog.